Printing Metal packaging industry is becoming more innovative. New forms, innovative printing and original design allows brand products stand out on the shelves. Contact us EOE EOE or Easy Open ends is innovation of normal end by making a scoring (only partially cutting through the shell ends) and attaching the metal tab for easy opening. Contact us Welding Can Welding cans or 3-Piece Cans consists of a can body with a top and bottom end. Contact us DRD Cans DRD Cans or 2-Piece Cans consists of two components; a can body integrated with bottom lid and a lid which can be “normal end”, “easy open end”. Contact us



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With a high technological automatic 2-color printing from Delta Seikan Corporation, our quality has been notable to packaging in domestic and international. We offer our services of metal coating, printing and also we are gladly open for any customer who needs advice for your packaging product design.

Delta Seikan Corporation commits to continuously contribute to the research and development of new products, improve and perfect the production process, business, and improve the quality of service provided to bring high satisfaction.

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